The Balkan Association of Veteran Athletes (BAMA) Championships is organized by the Bulgarian Masters Federation and Stara Zagora Municipality . The competition will take place in Stara Zagora, during the period September 22rd – 24th, 2017, at Stadium “Beroe, with the assistance of Athletic club “Beroe”.


Stara Zagora is a city of millenary history. In its ancient stadium gladiators and athletes measured their strength competing against themselves rather than fighting with others. As Mayor of Stara Zagora I am immensely pleased to see the city participate and live yet another victory of the will over the body; a victory of strength and beauty over time A VICTORY OF MAN. I believe that sports have a mission, which has remained unchanged through centuries and this mission is to unite people and make them truly human. Let us all now see, in this millenary city of Stara Zagora, the true face of sports; let us imprint it in our memories and experience on every stadium a show of friendship and sportsmanship.

Welcome to Stara Zagora!!!

Zhivko Todorov
Mayor of Stara Zagora

Dear friends,
It’s a great honor and pleasure, as well as a special responsibility for the Bulgarian Masters Federation, to host the annual Meeting of the best athletes from the Balkans.

Organization of the 27th Balkan Masters Athletics Games can not be regarded as just the continuation of a tradition. For us this means preserving the celebration of Sport, the atmosphere of friendship and fair play. To preserve the values of people devoted to the art of sports, of those who have chosen the healthy way of life.

That is why, the Bulgarian Masters Federation, together with the Stara Zagora municipality, offering stadium “Beroe” and their playgrounds for the events of the BAMACS, and all our athletics community apply great efforts to create the best conditions for the performance of veterans from the Balkan countries.

Dear friends, we are looking forward to welcoming you in September at Stara Zagora, the European Capital of Sports for 2017!

We reassure you, that here, except for the sports rivalry, many friendly hearts will be awaiting for you!

Until soon,
Wishing you success with your ambitious preparations!

Zdravka Yordanova
President of Bulgarian Masters Federation
President of Balkan Athletics Masters Association

Dear friends,
It is a great pleasure and honour to address to you today because we are among the few chosen ones who have smelt the grass of many stadiums, who have felt the rush of adrenalin and drank the bitter cup of sweet loss. Such a loss is sweet because there is a friend stadium next to you when you have lost, and it is bitter because the true athlete`s strive to win never fades. We, the organizers of this event, will do our best to make you participate to a celebration of strength, beauty and perfection, a feast of true sport as imagined by Olympian Greeks and described by Pierre de Coubertin.

My friends,
I am honoured to welcome you at the 27th Balkan Masters Athletics Games, which Stara Zagora is hosting for the first time. I wish you all success, great memories and many new friendships!

Krasimira Chahova
Deputy Mayor of Sports of Stara Zagora

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