Stara Zagora is the sixth largest city in Bulgaria. It is located in the heart of Bulgaria where the green hills of Sredna Gora Mountain, blend with the golden Thracian Plain, 220 km away from the capital Sofia and 180 km from the golden beaches of the Black Sea coast. Populated for thousands of years, inhabited by Thracians and Romans, Slavs and Proto-Bulgarians, resurrected several times from theashes - Stara Zagora ranks among the mostancient European cities. Overcoming the vicissitudes of time, the city is a spiritual center with rich cultural and historical heritage and established traditions, with a worthy contribution to Bulgarian spirituality and culture. Stara Zagora is usually called a city of linden trees, poets, straight streets, beautiful women, a city phoenix raised from the ashes to take its road to the future.

The most famous athlete of antiquity in the city Olympian - Marcus Aurelius Fronton, the son of Diouphus, a native of Augusta Traiana (today Stara Zagora) athlete of the highest class runner, one of the three disciplines. It is the only known winner of Thrace during the period of the Games in Olympia, dedicated to the supreme god - Zeus Olympic. Obviously Aurelius Fronton was in a very good physical condition, beating Heliei in games, competitions in honor of Helios, the sun god, which took place on the island of Rhodes. The growth of such a talented athlete in Augusta Traiana is any evidence of organized sports life in the city. Incredible wins, which crowned and his remarkable athletic career, are the reason Marcus Aurelius Fronton to reach the highest level and in the social hierarchy.

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